Friday, January 30, 2004

My English teacher mentioned P.J O'Rourke to me after class today, so I decided to ask him if he was of the libertarian persuasion. Turns out he is, and for some reason, it made me really happy. Not just happy actually - exuberant. The kind of exuberant you get when you hear that someone really cool is in like with you, and all because he shares my moderately-unpopular political views. Odd, but cool.

After a verbal scuffle in the comments section, I'd like to make clear my stance on annoucing your own coolness, because I'm awesome like that. As with all discussions about coolness, we'll use The Fonz as the paradigm cool person.

Announcing your coolness is important. Happiness, fulfillment, and all of those other wonderful feelings of satisfaction come from within. You have to feel good about yourself, and other people's opinions don't matter. Having achieved this level of satisfaction, it's then time to let everyone know how cool you are by bragging, or at least trying to very clearly present your awesome character.

The Fonz made it very clear he was cool. His style exuded "Hey guys, look at me, I'm cool." Moreover, he always made it a point to emphasize his coolness with acts, like when he hit things and made them work. Here's a man who clearly has supernatural powers, or at least is supernaturally cool. Rather than hide his gift, or spend it fighting crime, he devoted his gift to demonstrating its own awesome capability. So he turned things on with his neato powers, and everyone loved him.

Let's suppose he hadn't shown off his coolness. Then, he'd be in a sad situation; no one would have known he was cool! He would have faded into the background, just a cipher in the world of Happy Days. Instead, he made himself known, and as a result, we know it.

If you'll examine cool people closely, I think you'll also find that the coolest of them advertise the fact that they're cool, which is what makes them so cool. Hiigaran thinks he's pretty cool, and he let us know it, so we're likely to accept a minimum level of coolness as belonging to him already. So tell everyone about how cool you are, and eventually, you will be. (Thoughts on this and subjectivism later.)

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

For what it's worth, I miss those halcyon days of Dean the frontrunner. Anyone that's at least vaguely familiar with my blog or my political leanings knows that I ranted about hating Dean, pontificated about his wrong-mindedness, and in general didn't want him to be president. Yet, I can't help but feeling angry about Kerry being the new frontrunner. Really angry.

Dean lost support because of his little screaming incident. So the man's a firey orator, what's the big deal? "Because he lost control of himself. The president can't lose control of himself." Really, what the hell kind of argument is that? Is it not possible to shreik enthusiastically for a number of reasons other than totally losing your mind and control to the forces of irrationality? Dean's fire is his best quality. Most of Dean's policies are logically flawed and morally abhorrent, but so are Kerry's. If someone's going to enforce flawed policy, I'd rather it be a lovable, delightfully surly guy with an intense demeanor rather than just a cold, withdrawn, and seemingly timid and uncomfortable personality.

Yeah, I suppose that means I'm blogging.