Saturday, December 27, 2003

Wow, you sure can come up with some odd stuff to say when you're really drowsy. I suppose it wasn't too bad.

Anyway, my hits have shot back up. They dropped to the single digits every day for a while, but yesterday, back in the twenties for no apparent reason at all. Also, the SiteMeter logo at the bottom was noticably absent, so I'm assuming the counter wasn't working for a while. Damn.

A public affirmation of life loving

An acquaintance of mine was depressed today, completely lacking a good reason. I’m not the kind of guy to get down, or to ever really see reasons for being down. I always find myself asking “How the hell can someone actually feel down?” Am I an overly-optimistic nutcase that’s found a way to repress emotions? Not at all. It’s just that depression is for the most part, illogical.

The basic reasons for depression? I can think of two. Number one: “It’s all too much.” Number two: “Life is so pointless.” Kind of odd that they contradict each other. The problem is, number one is wrong. It’s not all too much, it’s just that people choose to bog themselves down. Even worse, people choose to overreact to the most insignificant details, leading to depression.

Number two on the other hand, is on to something. What is the point? People usually look for an externally-imposed purpose to give their life some kind of ineffable “meaning.” If that’s what purpose is, then there is none. We are all cosmically insignificant specks doing cosmically insignificant things in the cosmos, which, themselves, are entirely meaningless too. Beautiful. I don’t mean that sarcastically either.

Who set this standard for purpose, anyway? Somehow, it’s regarded as axiomatic that purpose has to be transcendent, something truly great in the scheme of all things. But if we’re all working towards this universal purpose, it would seem that we’re kinda... you know... tools. You wanna be a tool? Isn’t a self-fulfilling, self-created purpose much more desirable than something imposed by forces beyond our comprehension?

There isn’t anything you can do that will matter throughout the universe, throughout time. To quote The Flaming Lips, “Do you realize that everyone you know, some day, will die?” Yes, we’re all going to die, so why keep on living and caring? That quote just makes everything seem so bleak and miserable to some people, but I think that it should encourage urgency and expediency, because we’re all going to die. Sure, in about eighty years, none of this will matter at all to me (Unless we get some sweet immortality thing set up.) because I’ll just be far too dead to care. The problem is that people use that to justify not enjoying anything, since it won’t matter later. Really, it’s tantamount to deciding not to clean something because it’ll get messy some time in the future.

I am biologically set up to feel happiness. Because of certain chemicals that are released in my body, I feel an emotion. Maybe it isn’t a rare, transcendental experience that comes after hard work, but who cares? It feels good. Moreover, it IS good. I give my life meaning on my own, because dammit, I really want to live it and take advantage of every possibility. Youthful and idealistic? You bet. But it seems sort of odd that “youthful and idealistic” is considered a pejorative label in a culture that idealizes youth.

The pointlessness of life viewed from an external, universal standpoint should make you feel good if you’re the type to feel stressed out by various pressures. Problems are a lot less bothersome when you remember that they won’t last forever. They’re temporary obstacles in the way of living at the moment, but they’ll be gone soon, and you’ll be around for a good deal longer than they are. Why not just enjoy things while they’re problematic, and milk the most out of life when you can?

Of course, as Reasonable Man always likes to say, “If only everyone were as reasonable as I am!” Really, it all seems to lead to the conclusion that depressed people are either ignorant or they really like being depressed. Sure, some people have it bad. When people are actually forced into submission, when they’re not actually free to enjoy things around them, then it can be depressing. Most depressed people I can think of aren’t like that, though. In fact, depression seems the worst among free people living an affluent lifestyle. Just look at a lot of teenagers. No problems, but it all hurts so much. For hurting so much, they really do a whole lot to help it. Maybe one day, a tiny bit of reason will creep its way into their minds, and they’ll realize that the universe is on our side. Well, it would be if the universe were conscious. And if there were sides located outside the universe that the universe could be on. But of course, then it’s not THE universe and... well, I’ll just stick with the saying. No one cares enough to analyze it anyway.

“The only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, who never yawn or say a commonplace thing but burn, burn, burn like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding across the stars and in the middle you see the blue centerlight pop and everyone goes ‘Aww!’” -Jack Kerouac

Never again will I ingest anything caffeinated. Or I at least I won't until my all-nighter catches up with me. Whichever comes first, I guess.

Usually, I'm a lightweight when it comes to staying up. My brother asks me to, and it just doesn't happen. But a latte at four in the evening, a nap from six to seven, and two diet cokes around midnight have kept me up until 6:30 so far. Seeing as though I have to be up at nine, seems kinda stupid to go to bed, eh?

At least something productive came out of it. I bought The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and read the entire thing this morning. I've never done that with any book before, so yes, it really is that good.

Actually, I feel like having a nap now. Hopefully I don't regret this post after I'm more awake and alert.

Friday, December 26, 2003

Holiday M&Ms Minis show us cross-advertising unleashed in the form of the smirky green M&M.

Don't see it? How could you not? His innocent little smile is quite clearly the Nike symbol. I think it supports my case to note that he's wearing some kind of basketball shoes. CUSTOM MADE with green laces. Only people with the hardcore hookup get custom made shoes, so I think you can see what's going on here.

Thursday, December 25, 2003

Well, a Merry Christmas to everyone. I'm not going to acknowledge any of the other holidays. Being an atheist, you might ask why I give such favor to Christmas, and that's because it has the best presents. Those other holidays suck.

Anyway, I got a digital camera. My response can best be summed up with this:

Wednesday, December 24, 2003

The world. CORRECTED.

I read with dismay that our troops in Afghanistan killed 15 innocent children in two incidents. Fifteen sweet kids slaughtered by fellow Americans with taxpayer-provided weapons in our failed attempt to "liberate" the people of Afghanistan.

Yeah, those weapons should have been privately funded. Now drug dealers and gangs have the moral high ground. For shame.

But how do you know these kids were sweet? Did you lick 'em? My guess is that, living in Afghanistan, with all of that sweat and sand, they probably tasted either really salty, or really bitter. Sweet is reserved for billionaire children that bathe in fudge and candies.

Two years of wasted American lives, wasted Afghan lives and wasted U.S. tax dollars that could have been used to improve domestic problems. I'm sure the families and friends of those Afghan civilians feel all warm and cuddly toward us as a country when U.S. military propagandists say, "Oops! Sorry we blew up little Ali and Cassandra, but these things happen as we save your country."

Fifteen kids, two names? Heh, those crazy Afghanis.

Why is it there is no outcry? Do Americans honestly think killing kids will make us more friends in the world? How come we do not see the parallel between our idiocy in Iraq and our idiocy in Afghanistan?

There's no outcry for this, but there IS outcry because Lee Boyd Malvo wasn't sentenced to death. If you look at these things critically, you'll realize that cultural attitudes are shifting towards the idea that it's good to kill kids. Do you want a bunch of mud-n-cookie crumb handed, booger munching, pants-pissing assheads running around, polluting more than big industrial giants, in terms of noise and tangible pollution?

Why do you think children's toys are so deadly? Because of incompetence? Hah!

Ever wonder why we deprive children of the right to drink, smoke, have sex, and see R-rated movies? "Because they're too young and inexperienced for those things." Pft, a simple explantion only a child would believe! Off to the death camps!

The idea behind pleasure deprivation is to encourage suicide, so we don't get our own hands messy. It's why teenagers do it so much. After being deprived of licentious pleasures for so long, they decide life is essentially pointless, and end it right there. Depressing music is produced by adults to help speed the process along, and generate a bit of money in the process. You know, get it back from those greedy fuckers with their "allowances" and such.

I suppose now that the secret's out, I might as well just try to finish the cleansing myself.

Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Did anyone see that movie Volcano High on MTV a few nights ago? If you didn't, you missed out. I only watched half an hour or so, but it was thoroughly entertaining. It was a martial arts/action-oriented movie with a lot of ripped-off Matrix effects and colors. It took place in some Japanese high school where, from what I gathered, the teachers really enjoy beating the crap out of the students, just like real high school. Ahh, those crazy Asians.

As awesome as the plot is, that's not the selling point of the movie. The dubbing was done very well. For the voice acting cast? Rappers. I'm pretty sure all of the characters were voiced by rappers, and it got me to wondering who the hell could have thought of dubbing an Asian film with rappers.

As a related idea, it might be kind of cool to dub Indian films using Injun voice actors.

Monday, December 22, 2003

I don't have anything good to say, but Don Watkins sure does. Here's my favorite:

Kids who let their pants sag at or below ass level – This is proof that my generation is not very bright. The people most likely to have to run from the police are also the people most likely to trip over their own fucking pants after they fall to the ground. I’m not even going to wish you ill. I’m just going to laugh my ass off while I watch the cops beat the shit out of you.

There's more. Read, because it's awesome.

Sunday, December 21, 2003

I never thought writer's block was a real problem. When I saw the episode of Beetlejuice dealing with it, I didn't think they were serious about it. Ahh, the joys of being a little kid.

Now that I like writing, it's hard. I say plenty of humorous things in conversation, but it's much harder to elaborate on them and turn them into post-worthy compositions. Some people always have something hilarious to say. Like Watkins. That guy.

Writer's block seems to be affecting everyone right now, though. Drizz is having problems... uhm... a few people took breaks, I'm having problems. Yep. Looks like everyone's having trouble writing things these days. Actually, I'm tempted to make something of the Hillary Duff and Lindsay Lohan feud. Those white bitches are fighting over Aaron Carter. Apparently, the man, or rather, boy, can't keep his eyes on the prize, and ended up cheating on Lohan with Duff. You know, I don't think that even needs a joke to it if you consider those characters and their situation. So enjoy that.