Saturday, September 06, 2003

Well, I don't have a link to the actual story, but I'm sure a majority of readers wouldn't have really cared to read it anyway, especially considering the fact that all of the important parts are generally summarized, and then either congratulated for being in accordance with my super-awesome policy, or picked apart from being prime examples of political and/or philosophical dumbassery.

Attempting to finally get to the point, I saw that Universal is cutting costs of its CDs from somewhere in the eighteen dollar range, to somewhere in the thirteen dollar range. Really, it's about time. Record label executives don't seem to have a very good grasp on basic economics. When prices are disproportionate to the value of the product, it's unlikely that anyone will care to purchase it. So, when people stopped buying CDs because they were generally deemed way too expensive for what they were, the recording industry decided that charging more would solve the problem. Well, charging more in addition to suing college kids for thousands of dollars.

The price drop is a welcome change. I don't really buy CDs very often, but it's logical to assume that with this price drop, more will follow in order to keep up with competition. Though, even if all CDs went back to being, say, ten to thirteen bucks, would the recording industry's problems be solved? Sure, sales would increase, but I doubt we'd revert to buying all of our music because it's cheap. Once you've had practically unlimited free music, cheap music seems pretty damn expensive.

Perhaps a change of format is in order. Or maybe CDs need to have more appealing material that warrants being bought. You know, little promotional dealies that are actual, physical things, so you can't download them. Something to make the purchase worth it. Then again, maybe they should just give it up, let music be free, and profit on merchandising, endorsement, and concerts. Though, ultimately, not being a hardcore music fan these days, it doesn't have a tremendous impact on me. I just hope the RIAA doesn't try owning my ass for downloading a lot of stuff a few months ago.

It's hard not to love Lileks.

Well, I think it's simple. Socialism provides a means by which you can ruin your economy gradually, over an extended period; herring, used as a means to organize your society, ruins everything quite quickly. Oh, it goes well the first year: Everyone eats herring, works in the herring plant, and is paid with herring, which you take to the corner store to buy herring juice, herring beer, crunchy Herring-Os for breakfast and herring smoothies for lunch. Don't forget the herring sherbet for dessert! At night you turn on the TV to watch a Norse epic performed entirely by herring puppets, and then you brush with Fluoridated Minty-white Gum-Kleen Herringodent, and then halfway through your prayers to the Great Herring you are overcome with the need to grab a pitchfork, storm the capital and feed the entire government to the guillotine. It only takes one day. I know, I know: A herring-centered society would work if we simply gave it enough time, but they said that about communism, which was centered entirely around the beet.

And we know how that turned out.

Friday, September 05, 2003

Well, my choice to skip history class was possibly one of my stupider mistakes of the past... week or so. It turns out that a whole lot of people go to UTSA, and need to use those parking lots. So I ended up driving around them for about half an hour, until, already late for my beloved psychology class, I gave up, parked at a Texaco across the highway, and walked back to school. Maybe that's where a portion of my free time went.

As a lot, and by a lot I mean somewhere in the general area of six, of people have probably noticed, the blog has been a bit light on the angry, heavily libertarian insight, observations, and, with lack of a much better term, bitching. I haven't ditched writing about interesting things. It just seems like it's incredibly hard to find an even moderately-okay topic to start writing about. Screw the recall election, screw the Democratic candidates, and yes, screw the war in Iraq. It's all worn out and boring, and focusing so much on stale, uninteresting topics is partly why writing started to feel like an obligation. I could be like Drizz and write about Texas politics, which are at least not overdone, but I think I'll pass on that.

On the topic of good topics, Exxon's Tiger Market is the best convenience store IN THE WORLD. Forty two cents for a 32 oz. soda; is there really any way you can top that? I mean, other than increasing the amount of soda, or lowering the price. The answer is quite simply no. Hopefully it's one of those deals that lasts forever, or at least an incredibly long amount of time. I may not put a tiger in my tank, but I sure as hell like putting carbonated water and syrup in my various digestive organs for less than fifty cents.

Given the opportunity (read: if good topics come along) I'll try to write fountain-drink-quality material. Then again, fountain drinks do cost money, while this is free. Don't give me any hassle about my analogies, or I'll just pump out more.

Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Why, yes, technically I am supposed to be heading to school. Well, technically... that's all I've got. I've opted to miss my history lecture today so I can finish scanning hundreds of pages of paper before three. I'm getting twenty bucks! That's like... a week's pay at Baskin Robbins.

Anyway, Saturday night; by which I mean Sunday morning, was a rockinly wild adventure. In what is quite possibly my most rebellious, defiant moment ever, a friend and I went to IHOP at four in the morning. It's not that bad, I suppose. That is, if you ignore the fact that my parents told me explicitly not to drive past midnight.

Some stoners we looked like. Two teenagers, IHOP, four A.M. Somehow, we managed to be there without getting hassled by the sheriff that was there. You know, the ICOP. (Lame, yes. Hilarious? Also yes.) Plus, we spent a lot of time eating syrup and cracking up about the stupidest things. Imagine how we'd act if we were really high. That's why I definitely need to stay clean.

The IHOP was followed up by a fairly uneventful Wal-Mart trip (Hey, it's open 24 hours.) where I found that they already have their Christmas decorations on sale. BEFORE LABOR DAY. If they move Christmas decoration sales up just one month further, then Christmas will literally take up half the year. You know, all of those moral, overly-preachy TV shows were right when they showed us how our interest in Christmas would be no more if it really were all the time. Score one for TV!

So yes, Christmas in moderation, and don't do syrup.

Sunday, August 31, 2003

Average Visit Length 10:17

That's just crazy. I reset the stats yesterday after deciding to start posting again, and I see that. Either someone left the site on mistakenly, my post was ridiculously hard to read and comprehend, or it was just of amazing quality. Whatever it is, it sure beats APF's average visit length of nine seconds.