Wednesday, July 02, 2003

I saw the first showing of Terminator 3 today, and I absolutely loved it. Terminator 2 was my first R-rated movie experience ever, so there was a certain amount of nostalgia involved. Even without it, though, it's a great movie.


There were a few odd bits in the movie, though. First of all, the T-X can control machines. Fair enough. But how the hell could it possibly control the police cars? The police cars, as far as I can tell, weren't wired with any form of remote control device, or computer which did the driving. The T-X was pushing the gas pedal down without being there, which seems implausible. Clearly, it did not have any kind of psychic powers enabling it to move things like that.

Let's even suppose that it did for a minute. How the hell did she find John Connor like that? He left a few minutes before her telepathy-powered cars did, yet she was able to chase him down without a problem. Also bringing up the question of how she was able to control the cars without even knowing where they were going.

When they were leaving the military base that activated Skynet, how exactly did they get out? I seem to recall machines all over the runway, and scenes of death and destruction everywhere. They just left?

Close to the end of the movie, as John is crawling under the blast door into the fallout shelter, the T-101 tells him that they'll meet again. Though, would they really? The T-101 had been used to assassinate John in the future, because of his emotional attachment to that model, based on his experience with it as a boy. But now that he knew he'd be assassinated, wouldn't he instead not fall for the trick? After all, no fate but what we make for ourselves. Right?

Also, it's obvious that in the future, the various machines are sent back within a fairly brief amount of time. So why didn't they just send back the good model to kill Sarah Connor? Wouldn't that have been much easier? I just doubt that their technology would improve so greatly within the course of the few years that the machines were waging war.

Then again, the time travel idea doesn't make sense in the first place. If they could continue sending things back into the past, with their actions directly changing the present, would there ever be any point to doing anything at all? They could continue sending machines back time and time again, every time they failed. They could have sent the T-X back in time to kill Sarah Connor. The most interesting question is why they didn't just send a machine back in time to kill the first few humans alive.

I suppose the answer to that last question is that it wouldn't make a fun movie that way. And it wouldn't. Despite all the entertaining questions left unanswered, it was a great movie. I absolutely loved the fact that Judgement Day came, and most people died. Not because I enjoy watching people die in nuclear explosions and/or fallout, but because they didn't shy away from having a really grim ending. The way things turned out really makes it stick with you for a while. Until of course, you remember to ask questions about why they can't keep sending people back in time.

They mixed a great deal of humor into this one, though, which was nice. I particularly like the bar scene.

Arnold: Take off your clothes.
Gay Stripper: Be patient!
Arnold: Now.
Gay Stripper: Talk to the hand. *talk to the hand gesture*
Arnold: *grabs stipper's hand* Take off your clothes, now.

Beautiful. Then there were the glasses.

Something tells me the movie was an allegory for the feminism movement. Just look at the previews. "The new T-X model is faster, stronger, more intelligent, and better in every way than the older models. And it's a woman." (Not just any woman. A blonde early-twentysomething with a slender, curvy figure, wearing leather and kicking ass. You know, the stereotypical woman!) Let's not forget, the first two were inferior machines, and they were men. Huuuh? Huuuuh? Then again, the T-X failed too, at the hands of the obsolete man model. So maybe there isn't a bigger story to it, but it's fun to pretend.

Good god, I went on for far too long about this. It's terrible... I am SUCH a nerd. It's so disjointed, too. Shame.

Tuesday, July 01, 2003

I'm trying to edit the color scheme to make it slightly less dull. It's less dull, but I'm not sure if it's all that great looking. Feedback is very much appreciated.

Monday, June 30, 2003

I've been remiss in my posting duties as of late. It's not that I've been particularly busy; I've just been fairly apathetic towards the blogging world lately. In fact, I think I've been sleeping more, and getting online less. I think Peter from the movie Office Space (quite possibly the best movie ever) summed up my attitude when he said "It's not that I'm lazy. It's that I just don't care." That movie's still not old after all these years.

Anyway, that's why there hasn't been much posting going down over the past week or so. I'm not sure when I'll be inspired to get back on track and post again, but hopefully it'll be soon. Perhaps I'll even take it in a new direction. Just give me a few days to finish my ever-so-enjoyable sleeping activities, and I'll be bursting with great ideas. Or not. Perhaps they will be an illlluuussiiiion! Either way, so long, suckers! All zero of you who've visited so far today.