Friday, April 18, 2003

Islamist Anti-Reason

Apparently a lot of Middle-Eastern nations want the U.S. out of Iraq. According to the article:

"Muslims poured out of mosques and into the streets of Baghdad, calling for an Islamic state to be established in the biggest protest since U.S. forces ended Saddam's harsh 24-year rule nine days ago." [Italics added]

Unfortunately, the supporters of the said Islamic state don't seem to realize that it could very easily give rise to another oppressive government, thereby completely undoing the progress the U.S. made in liberating Iraq. The truth is that Islam, like all religions worshipping an undefinable, ineffable, supernatural authority, they subordinate logic to feelings and ultimately end up denying reality. Islam, like Christianity and other forms of mysticism, is also based on the premise that man, by his very nature, has no right to his own life. Christianity preaches total sacrifice to Christ, while Islam preaches sacrifice to Allah. An Islamic state would most certainly end up being controlled by some mystic who is supposedly a direct servant of Allah- it's just how mystic governments work. Couple together a leadership which supposedly carries out the unchallengable will of God with the fact that Islam also rejects the concept of individual rights, and you're guaranteed an oppressive, statist tyranny.

The Iraqi people should have a certain amount of control over how their government is run, yes. However, just as people shouldn't be able to vote their way into total anarchy, dictatorship, or communism, so they shouldn't be able to vote their way into any other flawed form of government which does not correspond with the facts of reality. Governments are not merely a chaotic response to the will of the mob- they are to be the agents and protectors of the people, operating on objectively defined laws that aren't to be changed merely because the majority doesn't care for them. The United States, being the most reason (and therefore, reality) based country in the world, should be the one to establish the new government. Otherwise, leaving Iraq in its lawless state to govern itself, the country would either completely degenerate into mob war, or would in fact become just another brutally opressed country.

Besides, if we left Iraq without forming a new government, the same Middle Eastern nations opposing U.S. presence would attack the United States for its failure to keep its promise and repair Iraq.

Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Want some flu germs?
I know I sure do. Absolutely wonderful.

Sadly, that's the most I have right now. I've actually found myself scouring the net for something to post for a laugh, or, if I were lucky, complain about. Unfortunately, I feel really strapped for content. I'd rather keep this to posts that have an actual point, whether philosophical or humorous, as opposed to talking about what I did today. I also need more readers- the readers are a must.

On a side note, I wrote a letter to the newspaper today- hopefully it gets published. I've never written to the paper before (although I had a poem published in it when I was really little) and I'm hoping it's clear and concise enough. It's hard to get a point across in so little space, but everyone has to deal with that, I suppose.

Sunday, April 13, 2003

The gang-related cut on the knuckle guy was at the arcade today. I hate him so much. He came up to me and said, so intelligently, "Yo dawg, where the fuck you been!?" The first thing that came to my mind was the fact that he last saw me there a week ago, for maybe twenty minutes, and he's asking me where I've been. Lacking the courage to make a smart-ass comment (This guy has at least a hundred pounds on me. Plus, dude- he's in a gang. Where else would he have gotten that cut? He's hardcore.) I just told him I'd "been around."

So later on, he took this little kid's turn on the DDR machine. The kid had his spot clearly marked, and he took it. Plus, he got in my way, and ruined the good game I had going. I felt bad for the little kid- he was upset, man. Later on, the guy's about to take some woman's turn, so I told him that someone else already had the next play, and he just said "Dawg, fuck that shit. She ain't around right now, so I'm gonna fuckin' play." (Limited vocabulary, yes.) Once again, I would have mouthed off, but my recalcitrance would probably have angered the huge guy.

Even later on, he's playing double, and gave up on a song, and got off the pad. So naturally, I got on to finish the song (He's not playing, what does he care?) and he said "Get the fuck off, bitch! I'm not fuckin' kidding! Get the fuck off or you're gonna get slapped!" In my most defiant moment, I gave him my almost tauntingly goofy grin and told him no, and played for about twenty seconds. Then, when he started seeming really angry, and I realized how stupid it'd be to really piss him off, I got off and let his song finish failing. Apparently, he didn't enjoy me showing him up, but it was worth it. I felt like The Fonz liberating The Squares when I hopped up there and showed him up in front of those people he stole turns from, and it was just sort of funny to see him get worked up.

And that, boys and girls, was my crazy arcade adventure for today.

For anyone who read this when it was originally posted, I edited it for clarity.

The heat was really out today. You know- the pigs, the fuzz, the 5-0, the federales, the blue, the cops, the filth, the police. You get the idea. The police, in my mind, generally don't seem like the protectors that they're supposed to be, but instead, more of a force to be living in constant fear of. When I see a police patrol car, my instant reaction isn't "Ah, an officer of the law, a protector of the peace! I feel safe," but instead, more along the lines of "Oh shit, I hope I'm not breaking the law." From not being allowed to control what you ingest, to not being able to have sex with consenting partners of the same sex, there are a lot of things that aren't morally wrong, but are illegal, and it can really induce a sort of crackhead-like paranoia.

The individual police officers themselves aren't intimidating- their legal authority is, though. When I think of the police, the image in my mind is somewhat like thought and terror police, just like something out of 1984. In other words, there's this looming fear of the police, not because I think I've really done something wrong, but because they're police. That, in turn, results in a sudden surge of terror, because maybe I really am doing something illegal, and don't realize it.

It's just another result of the ever-increasing prevalence of statism in America. I don't recall hearing about many other generations having such a constant dread of the police, but maybe that's just me.