Saturday, April 05, 2003

Finally. After hours of toil and slaving away, I got everything set up. Damn Netscape. It would seem that my few hours of work on Netscape were the equivalent of five minutes on Internet Explorer. Sucks to me.

Anyway, there was this crazy guy playing DDR at the arcade today. He's been there before, being all crazy. Last time, he took the liberty of picking a song for me, and this time, he just made an ass of himself. He played double and stomped really hard. I've only been playing double for a week, and I'm a lot better than him- I suppose he thought that all of the jumping and smashing looked cool. I swear, he was about to break the pad. Also, he kicked the machine to hit the start button, and when he failed the Max 300, he smacked it, and just moved the frickin' machine.

Though, the most hilarious part was the cut. He shows me this tiny little cut on his knuckle, and says "I took that cut the other day." I asked him how he got it, and then he pushed his arms out a bit in surly, hardass arrogance, and said, in all sincerity "Gang related." He looked like he was in a gang- he was definitely a spanker. Plus, he was fat and wore a tight wife-beater undershirt. Ugh... disgusting. His jiggling was hypnotic.

Anyway, I've been on far, far too long. The important part is that I did it and shoved it in (someone's) face. Whose it is escapes me at the moment.

Friday, April 04, 2003

This "shout out" crap is getting on my nerves. If it reverts to it one more time, I'm.. probably going to do nothing.

I am engaging in a hilarious test entry. Hilarious indeed.